Protein Shake

protein shake

Britney's trying to get in shape. She wants that lean, buff bod with just the right amount of muscle. And so her personal trainer suggested that she try using protein shakes. Britney then asked what brand to get, coz there are a lot of brands out there on the market. And so her trainer asked her to accompany him to his house and he'll sell her his own preferred brand. He then pushed Britney to the bed and started undressing her. Britney, being hot for her trainer since she met him began fondling his dick, and ended in an all out fucking. Just before he came, the trainer got the bottle on the desk beside the bed, and came in Britney's mouth. He told her to spit all his cum in the bottle that had some water left in it, and asked Britney to shake it, saying “This is my own homemade protein mix shake. Take this everyday and you'll have all the protein you'll ever need!” Since then, Britney has been his most loyal, if not only customer!!

protein shake

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