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Blonde Britney fucked in ass and mouth

Friday, May 25th, 2012

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So Britney dyed her hair blonde again but that doesn't change anything! Her tits are still huge and she still loves to suck and fuck!

Like most of her past sexperiences Britney started off with a nice BJ! In case you didn't know she is a certified blowjob expert! Right after giving head she showed her hot bubbly ass and her boyfriend didn't even think twice! He quickly pounded her ass with passion! As always Britney had a really good time!

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Britney Loves Ass to Mouth!

Friday, November 25th, 2011

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Busty brunette Britney sucks cock right after getting fucked in the ass! Classic ATM action!

Britney is so nasty she won't mind getting an ass-to-mouth TWICE! After the first round she will BEG (yes, BEG) for more! Lucky for her she always gets what she wants! Who could resist her big breasts and bubbly ass and her amazing cock sucking skills?

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Anal and Deep Throat Girl

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

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Brunette Britney doing what she does best! Anal and deep throat!

One is never enough for busty Britney! After giving a nice deep throat blowjob she was still in the mood so what did she do? She asked for a hard ass fuck and she got it! Yes, Britney gave a deep throat and got assfucked! She's a nasty girl! Wait! She's not done yet! She also swallowed tons of fresh cum!

That's why we call her the anal and deep throat girl! Who wouldn't want to see Britney get really nasty?

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Cock-Hungry Brunette Gets A Huge Boner In Her Throat!

Monday, April 5th, 2010

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This cock-hungry whore was in search of a rock-hard cock – which she found in a male restroom!

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Almost delirious from her hunger for cock, this slut was so desperate that she decided to enter the male restroom! Thinking that there would definitely be at least one cock in there that was willing to let her suck on it, the slut waited – and finally found a huge boner! Kneeling before her prize, she opened her mouth and let the cock slide into her mouth, until it filled her throat with its full length and girth! Well, this slut went home happy, having satisfied her hunger for cock and cum at a male restroom!

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Honey! I want cum!

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Hot amateur girl sucking big dick

Amateur hottie Britney is back for another hardcore ass-to-mouth and cum drinking video!

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So what makes this scene hardcore? Well let me give you a preview! Britney started things off with a hot blowjob! Of course her boyfriend loved it! He loved it so much that he told Britney to suck even more! Since Britney loves him so much she gave him what he wanted! She ate the cock like it was her last fucking meal! Is that it? No! After giving oral satisfaction Britney was still in the mood so she surrendered her cute ass and received an intense pounding! Unfortunately it was not enough for Britney! She wanted more! Good thing her boyfriend was smart! What did he do? He gave Britney a nasty ass-to-mouth! How did it end? It ended with a huge, huge cumshot that made the amateur slut really happy! While she was taking a cum shower she kept her mouth open and yes she swallowed loads and loads of cum! Watch now!

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Drunk Girlfriend Sucks Cock

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Amateur babe giving head

After having a couple of drinks with her boyfriend this horny amateur slut got hornier!

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Yes this amateur brunette was so horny that she didn't even look for a room! Even when there were still people in the bar she took off her clothes and got dirty with her man! Lucky for her the guy was also horny! He took out his cock and told the amateur slut to give it some good sucking! The slut gave an amazing deep throat blowjob! So amazing that she almost swallowed the whole cock! Seriously! After that she was still not satisfied so she surrendered her filthy holes and went through rounds of intense pussy pounding and ass fucking! Yes it all happened inside the bar! Even the nasty facial cumshot! She was drunk indeed but still she drank loads of cum and smiled like it was the best day of her life… and it was!

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Very Naughty Brunette Girlfriend!

Friday, February 26th, 2010

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If I have a girlfriend like her then I will be the happiest guy on Earth!

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Oh yes you will see this hot brunette babe give head and go through rounds of hard pussy pounding and ass fucking! She also received a nasty ass-to-mouth! Wait it does not end there! Since this brunette babe loves cum she told her boyfriend to spray cum all over her body! First she received a facial next her big tits got drenched in cum and for the main event she got creampied! Spunk was dripping from her wide pussyhole! Basically this video is so hardcore there is no reason for you to look any further! This video will make all of your dirty dreams cum true!

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Hot Girlfriend Face and Titty Fucked

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Redhead Girlfriend Giving Head

This guy is so lucky to have a hot and always horny redhead girlfriend!

In this clip he shoved his cock right down his girl's mouth and between her big tits!

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